5 Reasons To Travel To Cambodia

5 Reasons To Travel To Cambodia

Indigenous tourist attractions in Khmer’s land
Recently, Cambodia has become “a rising star” in Asia’s tourism as Cambodian started to do tourism in a more professional way. Hence, this country’s appealing places are indigenous but can assure the convenience for their tourists. Standing at the top of the list must be Angkor Wat – capital temple, magnificent and sacred in every scene. This 900-year-old temple is the surviving remain of a great religious, social and administrative metropolis after devastating wars and conflicts in this country. Indochina holidays and Cambodia

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If you are interested in temples and religions, you cannot miss other fascinating destinations in Cambodia such as Koh Ker – the former capital of Khmer, Silver Pagoda within the Royal Palace compound in Phnom Penh, Preah Vihear – which has the most special location and setting in Cambodia. And to blend in Cambodian lifestyle, you can take a tour to Tonle Sap – the biggest lake in Cambodia, also the most densely populated place with floating markets.

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Special but familiar cuisines

Cuisines in Cambodia are combinations of many other food cultures. Thai people will find Cambodia’s food familiar because of the spicy and sweet taste but people in Cambodia eat less chilly and coconut milk than in Thailand. Indian people will find their ancestor’s influence in this country with curry dish. French and people from other Western countries can also find Western typical food in every Cambodian’s typical breakfasts: baguette with some slices of ham served with milk coffee. And like any other South East Asian country, rice is famous in Cambodia.

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Low cost
Another important reason to travel to Cambodia is the low cost spent here. The fee for accommodation in Cambodia is variable but comparatively lower than fee in neighboring countries. If you stay in the countryside, it will cost only US$5 but US$5 – 20, depending on the services, and can be US$100 in branded five-star hotels. When it comes to food, with US$2-5 on the street-vendors or US$7-10 in riverside restaurants, tourists will be full. Transportation in Cambodia is also cheap. Only US$5-7 by taxi from airport to city center, which is about 10 kilometers. And if you are in a Mekong boat tour, we highly recommend travelling from Vietnam with a luxury Mekong cruise from Hochiminh city to Phnom Penh which is a hot deal.

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Friendly and kindhearted people
Cambodian people mainly live in floating market and country side or originated from these areas. They are friendly and kind-hearted people. Even when they cannot speak English, they will try to explain to you or help you in some ways. Tourists leaving Cambodia usually leave their compliments for smiley, welcoming Cambodians.

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Safe and sound
Overcoming a painful and traumatic history, Cambodians know the value of peace. That is the reason why you do not have to worry about conflicts or terrorism in this country. It is a calm and harmonious destination for anyone from any religion or any part of the world.

Cambodia is becoming the ideal next destination for many tourists around the world. Why not booking with us today with relatively low fee and caring services?

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